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Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Who Hate Dressing Up

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I love Halloween! It's always been one of my favourite excuses to eat chocolate, watch scary movies and of course DRESS UP! So I find it hard to understand my son's reluctance to dress up. Even from an early age he shied away from fancy dress costumes - except for a few joyous months when he flatly refused to wear anything except a Spiderman costume. We were a source of great entertainment every time we went to Tesco. Sadly that only lasted a few months and then went back to his usual anti-fancy-dress stance. He's now 9 and will wear...

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Hollywood Icons as Halloween Monsters

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I thought it might be fun to re-imagine some of my favourite Hollywood icons as Horror movie monsters in the run up to Halloween. Here are some of my sketches so far from over on Instagram, which do you like best? And who do you think I should draw next? Suggestions please! I know it's a bit early for Halloween, but I do love it! Who do you think would have been best, Elvis as Frankenstein's Monster or yesterdays Audrey Hepburn as his bride..? #bringonhalloween #sketchesapp #sketch #frankenstein #frankensteinsmonster #monster #halloween #elvis A photo posted by Mary, Tiger Prints (@tigerprintsuk)...

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Baby's First Halloween

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9 is a brilliant age, in fact I've loved every age that my son has been so far - even the terrible twos (although I may have forgotten the tantrums through the mists of time). But every now and again I'll get a bit broody and start thinking how lovely it would be to have a baby again. I find window-shopping usually distracts me from that idea so I've trawled through Etsy looking for the very finest (and cutest) costume ideas and accessories for babies at Halloween. It's a veritable cute-fest! I particularly love that knitted fox costume - isn't...

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