Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Who Hate Dressing Up

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Kids dressed up for Halloween

I love Halloween! It's always been one of my favourite excuses to eat chocolate, watch scary movies and of course DRESS UP! So I find it hard to understand my son's reluctance to dress up.

Even from an early age he shied away from fancy dress costumes - except for a few joyous months when he flatly refused to wear anything except a Spiderman costume. We were a source of great entertainment every time we went to Tesco. Sadly that only lasted a few months and then went back to his usual anti-fancy-dress stance.

He's now 9 and will wear a Harry Potter costume when all his friends are dressing up, but it isn't something he gets excited about.  So I've been pondering this question. How do kids (and grown-ups) join in at Halloween parties if they don't want to dress like a giant pumpkin or Frankenstein's monster? 

That led me to design these t-shirts, which are Halloween themed, and glow in the dark, but they can be worn with totally normal clothes. Even the most dress-up-shy person will be comfortable wearing a t-shirt, right?

I'd love to know what you think! The t-shirts are available for kids and adults and you can see my whole Halloween collection here.

Halloween mummy t-shirt

Day of the dead Sugar Skull t-shirt

Retro Catwoman t-shirt

Glow in the dark Skeleton t-shirt

T-Rex dinosaur skeleton t-shirt

And if you are someone who loves dressing up for Halloween, you might like my Pinterest board which has some amazing party and costume ideas!

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