Bored Jar for Kids [Free Printable]

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I'm bored...

How many times a day do you hear that? If you've got kids of any age I'm sure you hear that all that time, I certainly do! So here's a great solution: a bored jar.

Whenever you hear those dreaded words get them to pick an activity out of the jar and voila! Boredom problem solved! I can't guarantee you'll never hear the words 'I'm bored...' again but it certainly helps!

I printed my list off on 3 different sheets of coloured paper which more or less filled my jar. My list is geared towards my 9 year old boy, but adapt to fit your kids as you like.  There's a great bored list for a tween girl here if you need some more ideas! You can download and print the list below by clicking on it or download the pdf here.

There's also a printable label for your jar too.

Once you've printed your lists, cut them out, fold in half and store in your jar ready for the next time your hear those dreaded words...

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